Frequently Asked Questions

User Account

Yes. First login into your personal account. Then, enter “Account details” to modify your personal information including your email address and Instagram handle.

Once you request to change your account password, an email is sent to your email address registered on the account. Please give 5-30 minutes for email to arrive to your inbox. Please also check your spam folder.

Yes, you can access this information by going to “Orders” in your account.

Placing Orders

No, having a user account is not mandatory. However, by opening an account you will benefit from

  1. Faster and easier order placement
  2. Receiving cashbacks and coupons
  3. Accessing your order history
  4. Writing reviews on purchased items

Yes, you can place orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Yes, simply enter your desired destination during checkout.

You will receive email updates as the status of your order changes. Also, you can check your order status at any time by checking the “orders” tab in your account.

At this time you can only place an order for products that are in stock and priced accordingly.

Before you make payment you can add or remove any product from your shopping cart. Once a payment has been made you need to contact our Toronto office within 48 hours if you need to cancel your order.

No, you will receive an automatic email once your payment is received and your order has been placed. If there are any issues with the payment Barchin Market’s sales team will contact you.

To enhance the process of order placement and prevent errors this option is not possible.


You can use Paypal or Zarinpal payment gateways during checkout. Currently Barchin Market Accepts USD, CAD, and IRT. For customers wishing to pay with other currencies, this is possible through Paypal gateway with applicable conversion rate fees.

Sometimes there may be an internet interruption or browser malfunction when the transaction is being processed. If this occurs and money is deducted from your account, there is no need to worry. The amount is still in possession of your bank/credit card provider. Please wait three business days for the amount to be returned to your account. If after 3 days the amount is not returned contact your bank/credit card provider directly.

Barchin Market is designed with latest security provisions to provide a safe and convenient payment system for our customers. With that being said, during checkout always double check the URL that you are using the “https” protocol and not “http”. In addition, ensure the URL is showing a lock sign on the left side of the URL in your browser.  If either of these two are missing do not enter your payment information.

Shipping and Tracking

Shipping cost is automatically calculated by Canada Post based on total weight and volume of products in your shopping cart, destination country, and method of shipping.

Every ordered item is processed, packaged, and given to Canada Post within 48 hours.

International shipments from Canada have 24-72 hours variability on expected arrival date depending on country of destination and customs processing time. Hence, we can not provide specific date or time for any order delivery.

Yes, once your order is shipped you will be given a tracking number with which you can track your order in transit by using Canada Post tracking page below:

Products on Barchin Market

Currently there is no exact timeframe on when sold out products are re-stocked. You can join Barchin Market newsletter to be notified as soon as the products are back in stock.

Products that are listed with a price and quantity on Barchin Market are available for order. However, during sales high volume of orders may simultaneously be placed on the same product and bringing its stock to zero. If you order an out of stock product or for whatever reason Barchin Market is not able to honor your order, be sure that you will receive a full refund of your order amount.  

Generally there is no limitation and you can order to the maximum stock number available. However, for products on sale we may limit this number to give all customers a fair chance.

Customer Care

If cases of such discrepancies please contact our Toronto Office via email and indicate your order number describe what the issue is. Often, manufacturers update the packaging of their products to introduce a new design but the product itself will remain the same.

Please contact our Toronto Office via email, indicate your order number and attach pictures of the damage product in your email.