Cashbacks and Referrals

In Barchin Market we strive to provide the best customer care and place a great value on customer loyalty. As such, to enhance your experience as our customer, and to show our appreciation for choosing Barchin Market we have implemented a cashback and referral program. Our customers residing in Iran can use their credit directly during checkout. For our other customers, their account credit is converted into a Canadian dollar value which can then be applied for a discount at the checkout. If you have further questions please contact us for detailed information. Please review the table and read the guide below to familiarize yourself with the perks. 

Cashback برچین مارکت | Barchin Market

How are cashbacks paid to me and how can I use them?

In order to benefit from the cashback credit system you need to open an account at Barchin Market. Once your account is created, a section called "My Wallet" is formed in your account where you will receive all your cashback credits. You can use your credits to obtain an instant price reduction during checkout ~ $1 for every 22000 credits. As of now, this program has only been enabled for our customers residing in Iran. However, if you are not a resident of Iran and would still like to participate in the cashback program please contact us for detailed information on how.

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1 _ Join Barchin Market's Instagram

We invite you to join our Instagram page before opening an account at Barchin Market, then when creating your account simply enter your Instagram Handle to receive 15000 Credits in your wallet. If you decide to join our Instagram after your have already opened an account, simply go to your account and press on the "Account Details" tab and write your Instagram Handle at the bottom of the page and press save. If your credit is not deposited within 3 days please contact us by email.

Icon Become a Member برچین مارکت | Barchin Market

2 _ Become a member at barchin Market

After you open your account at Barchin Market, you will receive 50000 welcome credits in your wallet. For customers who reside at the same address we request to not open more than 3 accounts.

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3 _ Subscribe to Barchin Market's Newsletter

By subscribing our newsletter be first in finding out about our seasonal deals and hottest products! At the same time, a gift of 45000 credits. Please subscribe with the same email you used to open your account at Barchin Market so we can deposit your credits.

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4 _ Referring a new customer or visitor

You can find your referral link and QR code by going to "My Wallet" tab in your account. You can share your referral link on social media, or email it to your friends. You will receive 5000 credit for every visit, and 85000 credits for every new registration through your referrals that lead to a sale. The limit for each payment is 1 time every 24 hours.

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5 _ Product Purchase

Every time you purchase a product from Barchin Market, we will gift you a 1.25% cashback credits. For example, if you purchase $50 dollars, you will receive ~ 6250 credits in your wallet. Credits are deposited when your order status is changed from 'processing' to 'complete'.

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6 _ Writing a product review

After you receive and use your purchased products, we invite you to write a honest review about it to help other customers, and receive 20000 credits from Barchin Market. Number of payments is for one review per purchased product.



Credits Amount

Number of Payments

Time of Payment

پول سازی و درامد در اینستاگرام

Join Our Instagram

15000 credits


In 1-3 Days

Barchin Market

Open an account in Barchin Market

50000 credits


After registration

sub2 برچین مارکت | Barchin Market

Join Our Newsletter 

45000 credits


In 1-3 Days


Refer a New Sale

85000 credits

1 per Day

After new member makes a purchase with your referral link


Refer a New Visitor

5000 credits

1 per Day

After visitor views a product using your referral link


Purchase a product

%1.25 of product price


After your order is shipped


Write a Product Review

20000 credits

1 per review

In 1-3 Days