About Us

Barchin Luxury Cosmetic Market provides a collection of high quality original cosmetic products from internationally known and reputable brands. The idea of curating this collection was seeded in the fact that in recent years we have witnessed a surge of fabricated cosmetic products in Iran’s cosmetic market and her neighboring countries that mimic the appearance and name the original products but in fact lack their quality. Absence of quality and standard in these counterfeit products often causes skin damage to users and in some cases lead to serious chronic skin problems.

In order to minimize the risk of skin damage for customers who unknowingly purchase and use these fake merchandise and to provide customers with variety of options to choose between original high quality products, Barchin Luxury Cosmetic Market started its research in October 2018 to find and list the best cosmetic products with highest rate of usage internationally. The result of this process is the collection of premium cosmetic products mainly from American, Canadian, and some European brands that are currently available in Barchin Market. This process is still ongoing and more products are to be listed in the near future.

As our dear customers at Barchin, you can view the collection we have listed from these reputable brands and have a peace of mind that the products they are viewing are original and made by the company advertised on their packages. You can easily order your favorite product from Barchin and be sure that the product is of the highest quality as we send all of our inventories directly from Canada. Further, you can obtain more information about how to navigate our website, place an order, or any other information in Barchin’s Customer Service area. In addition, you can subscribe to receive special offers and open an user account to view a detailed copy of your orders and payments history. 

We, at Barchin Market, are always here to serve you and provide with the highest quality of products. Because you deserve it.